June Student of the Month

Emeline Koshkin is our Student of the Month for June 2017!

Congratulations Emeline Koshkin on being selected as June’s Student of the Month!

Emeline has been studying fiddle with Laura Thompson for about one year. Laura says that Emeline practices all the time and is constantly ready to absorb new materials. Emeline is a homeschooled fourth grader who also enjoys reading, writing stories, ballet, and swimming. But one of her best accomplishments is learning double stops and slurs on her fiddle. Her favorite style to play is bluegrass and her favorite piece is Mississippi Sawyer. She is currently working on the piece Scotland the Brave.

If Emeline got the opportunity to meet any musician she would like to meet Dolly Parton. She really likes her music and wonderful personality. A fun musical experience that Emeline wanted to share is when she and her brother played in a recital together. She played the fiddle while he played along with his banjo. Emeline also gets to play music with her dogs! Sometimes when she practices her dogs decided to howl along.

Say a quick congratulations if you see Emeline here at the store and keep an eye out for the next Student of the Month!