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100% Investment

Month to Month

No hidden fees, no long term commitments. 100% of rental credit applies towards purchase of current or Step- Up instrument (does not include maintenance coverage). At any time you may apply your credit and take advantage of our 30% early payoff discount, or you may choose to rent until purchased.




A monthly maintenance and damage protection plan is required for all rentals. Find out more information on our repair department at the link below.

Visit our Repair Shop


The Next Level

Step Up Instruments

Become a pro by upgrading your instrument. Step-Up your instrument in both quality & size throughout your musical career.

Step-Up instruments enable students to produce their best tone, allowing them to practice advanced techniques and deliver greater expression. Inspire your advancing student to succeed by rewarding them with a Step-Up instrument that provides a professional look and a unique playing experience.

Available in fractional string sizes as well, known as Jr. Step-Up


Get Started on Your Rental

For students enrolled in a band or orchestra program, please select your district and school to get started. This will ensure we can recommend the correct school supplies based upon your teachers preferences.

For all other rentals, please select "Brass Bell / My District Is Not Listed".

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