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Student of the Month

February 2021

Mishee Singh

Student of the Month - February 2021 - Mishee Singh

Mishee Singh is an 8 year old piano student of Anna Mayo. She studies at University School of Milwaukee and has been playing piano for the last two years. Mishee's best piano accomplishment is learning how to play the first part of Hedwig's Theme. Her next goal is to learn the entire piece. Music makes Mishee feel happy and cheerful. Her favorite thing about playing piano is music itself. If Mishee could meet any famous musician, she would like to meet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because she really enjoys his pieces. One of Mishee's favorite musical memories is when she played a happy birthday song online with her friend. Mishee's favorite piece to play is Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. Her favorite performance happened at Brass Bell Valentines recital where she performed Firefly and Pop Goes The Weasel. Besides music Mishee's hobbies are Legos, ice skating, writing stories and reading Harry Potter.