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Student of the Month

December 2020

Saffron McPhedran

Student of the Month - December 2020 - Saffron McPhedran

Saffron McPhedran is 10 year old and goes to University School of Milwaukee. She began taking alto saxophone lessons with Clay Steiner in February of 2020. A multi-instrumentalist, Saffron also currently takes piano lessons and in the past played violin and cello. Saffron likes to perform and has participated in every Brass Bell recital since she began taking lessons. Her family and band teacher support her musical inclinations and come to every virtual recital.

Besides music, Saffron likes to figure skate and play hockey. She also likes to cook, bike, read and watch The Voice. Saffron likes to listen to gospel music in church and plans to play saxophone or piano with a church band.