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Student of the Month

May 2022

Abby Auer

Student of the Month - May 2022 - Abby Auer

Abby Auer is a trumpet student of Kobina Sampson-Davis. She's been playing trumpet for only 8 months. Abby's best musical accomplishment is to play the high notes without any effort. The best thing about playing trumpet for her is to look up songs and learn them. Abby got interested in trumpet listening to other performers. Her favorite piece to play is music from Harry Potter movies. If Abby could, she would like to meet the Beatles to talk to them about all of those songs they wrote and performed. The musician she is looking up to is Jone Jones from Sun 60 because the songs she played are very cool. Abby's fun music experience was to play Amazing Grace and Jolly Old St. Nick on piano at the family's Christmas party. Another favorite music moment was a big performance at school where middle and high schools took part. In her free time Abby plays piano and takes swimming lessons.