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Student of the Month

May 2024

Emery Tipkemper-Wolfe

Student of the Month - May 2024 - Emery Tipkemper-Wolfe

Emery Tipkemper-Wolfe is a percussion student of Tim Dries and has been playing drums for over 6 years.

Emery participates in marching band, pep band, jazz band, UWAY, state honor band, and the Cardinal Stritch Orchestra, and was very proud to reach the state level in Solo & Ensemble Competition this year. He originally became interested in percussion because it encompasses so many different instruments and currently is working hard to improve at playing mallets.

Music makes Emery feel happy and one of his most memorable musical moments was performing the song "25 or 6 to 4" with his jazz band at Solo & Ensemble. It was such a fun piece to play, and it felt like one of his very best performances so far.

Emery doesn't have a favorite piece to play, but enjoys music that is challenging to learn, and accordingly, his favorite musician is probably Buddy Rich, famous American jazz drummer.

When Emery isn't busy practicing, he likes mountain biking, snowboarding, and BMX.