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Student of the Month

December 2022

Lynda Lee-Scott

Student of the Month - December 2022 - Lynda Lee-Scott

Brass Bell Student of the Month of December, Lynda Lee-Scott, is a violin student of Iuliia Mykolyk. She has been playing violin for about 8 months now. Lynda's school teacher introduced her to the violin and it sounded cool to her. Her favorite style of music outside of classical is modern Japanese pop music. Music makes Lynda feel as if she is painting a pretty picture. Her artistic goal is to play more complex pieces and various songs and genres.

The thing Lynda likes most about playing is to work on her bow dividing. Her best musical accomplishment was participating in a Halloween recital as she felt crowd shy. One of Lynda's favorite musicians and singers is Ed Sheeran because he does both pop and country music. She recently attended a Lindsey Stirling concert in Milwaukee and had a lot of fun. One of Lynda's favorite musicianship moments was to participate at a Thanksgiving concert at school and play along with her classmates. She is also playing the ukulele. When Lynda is not playing violin she enjoys her hobbies such as playing sports like basketball, drawing, listening to music and watching anime. She is planning to participate in various concerts and musical award competitions in the future.