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OH18 Oasis Uke humidifier

SKU:  ae00-75039
Manufacturer Part #:  OH18

The OH-18 humidifier has a special hanger which allows the humidifier to hang at an angle from the strings inside the ukulele soundhole. Because the ukulele is a smaller instrument, it needs less supplemental humidification than a guitar. The humidity reduction was accomplished by modifying the liner for the OH-18 ukulele humidifier. The OH-18 ukulele humidifier comes with the special ukulele stabilizer and a 10 cc syringe for increased distilled water filling control.

Because tap and bottled water have dissolved minerals that can clog the liner, distilled water is recommended to extend the useful life of your humidifier.

Model: OH18
Manufacturer: Oasis


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SKU:  ae00-75039^OH18
Manufacturer Part #:  OH18
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