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Jumbie jam W1161 Jumbie Jam Z-Stand Kit (G) Purple Pan

SKU:  ae00-88278
Manufacturer Part #:  W1161

Versatility is the best way to describe the Jumbie Jam; a blend of simple design, durability, and ease of learning/teaching makes it a fantastic instrument for all ages and musical abilities. It truly can be used as an entry level instrument or played at a professional level. This spirited instrument is being enjoyed in a multitude of environments from family recreational musicmaking to music education. Students love it and aren't overwhelmed or intimidated; ensuring an fun, effective and immediate learning experience.

Model: W1161
Manufacturer: Jumbie jam


SKU:  ae00-88278^W1161
Manufacturer Part #:  W1161
Weight:  0.00
Price: $249.95

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